Dina E Mel – Bërbili (Slavuj) CD

1. Arbanasi, My Fair Village (03:18)
2. Nightingale (05:39)
3. One Day in May (03:44)
4. Officers / I am an Arbanas (02:30)
5. My beautiful Morea (04:28)
6. Nights (04:55)
7. I am restless, Vana (03:02)
8. I Love my Mother (02:06)
9. Spring bird (02:56)
10. Pieces of Music from Arbanasi (04:23)


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Bërbili (Nightingale) – Forgotten songs of the Zadar Arbanasi is an ethnomusicological project authored by musicians Dina Bušić and Melita Ivković.
Featured are ten compositions as the authors rediscover, edit and revive the almost forgotten songs of the Arbanasi people who migrated from the Skadar Lake to the Zadar area in the early 18th century.
In collaboration with experienced musical artists of shared musical sensibilities – Edin Karamazov, Miroslav Tadić, and Yvette Holzwarth – Dina and Melita were able to preserve the old while at the same time creating something uniquely new.
The presented archaic songs in the Arbanasi dialect (Albanian mixed with elements of Italian and Croatian), one of Europe’s most endangered languages, according to UNESCO, were arranged by these courageous musicians and painted with the various influences they brought to the project from their own destinies, life-long experience, and personal ethos.
Nightingale was recorded in 2018 at the Our Lady of the Assumption Church on the island of Zlarin in collaboration with the sound engineer Marin Fulgosi. The audio was mixed by Jan-Eric Persson, one of the foremost sound experts in Europe and owner of Opus 3 Records in Järna, Sweden. More info at: http://www.dinaemel.com/en/
Dina Bušić, voice
Melita Ivković, guitar
Miroslav Tadić, guitar
Edin Karamazov, guitar, saz
Yvette Holzwarth, violin

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